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Reflect CKD was established by Kirsty Dickson. Kirsty started her training in Choi Kwang Do at The Cassar Academy of Choi Kwang Do in Morden where she was awarded her Chief Instructor Certification in 2010. In September 2014 she completed her school owner certification and opened Reflect CKD. Miss Dickson has been lucky enough to attend two international seminars as well as those closer to home in the UK. In May 2016 Miss Dickson took her 3rd Degree examination and has since become a Choi Kwang Do examiner.

Meet the team behind Reflect Martial Arts

Chief Instructor - School Owner

Kirsty Dickson

School Owner, Chief Instructor, Examiner
Assistant Instructors (Age 14+)

Andy Nash

Deputy Master

Joshua Bright

Assistant Instructor
Mr James - Assistant Instructor at Reflect Martial Arts

Mr James

Assistant Instructor

Miss Underwood

Assistant Instructor

Miss Winter

Assistant Instructor

Mr Barcelos

Assistant Instructor

Mr Mose

Assistant Instructor
Storm Team (Age 12 - 14)

Mr Dawkins

Assistant Instructor
Black Belt Club (Age 5 - 11)














Administration Team
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Leadership Team

Reflect CKD has a leadership structure in place to support and inspire other students as well as helping us to run efficient and energetic classes! The standard of our leadership team is something we are all extremely proud of.

Black Belt Club

Students invited into our special Black Belt Belt Club must meet our high standards and criteria; they must attend class at least twice a week and have exceptional attendance; they must be good role models to other students and demonstrate correct martial arts’ behaviour and etiquette at all times; they must be behaving well in school, at home and in other areas of their life; they must take their training seriously and be constantly looking to improve their techniques. Our Black Belt Club Members support younger/junior students and so develop good people skills as well as learningteaching methods and approaches from an early age.


Once a student reaches 12 years of age, they can graduate from The Black Belt Club into the STORM Team. S.T.O.R.M stands for Special Team of Role Models. In this position students’ role is similar to that of a Black Belt Club member, but with a little more responsibility.

STORM team members assist with both the 3-6 and 7-11 year old classes. STORM members are invited to attend special workshops to further develop their skills, they are one step away from becoming an Assistant Instructor so begin working with the Chief Instructors to develop teaching techniques and interpersonal skills.

Assistant Instructors

Once a student reaches 14 years of age, they can be invited to become an Assistant Instructor. Assistant Instructors play such an important role in Choi Kwang Do Schools; helping by running warm-ups and cool downs and assisting the Chief Instructor with specific drills and exercises.

Assistant Instructors run introductory classes for students new to the Art. For those looking for a career within Choi Kwang Do, Assistant Instructor is the first step along the instructor path.

What People Say

  • I suffer with a major knee ligament injury and before starting Choi Kwang-Do a few months ago I could not walk properly, neither jump nor climb the stairs. I had restricted movement in my left knee. I had recently signed my son up (who is doing superbly) to the classes and decided to take advantage of the free promotion for the month of June.
    It was the best thing I could have ever done. After just a few sessions I could see the improvement with the movement in my knee, but also within my mindset because before this I thought I would never be able to walk again properly never mind kick a shield, do patterns or pass my first grading!
    Ma’am and the art of Choi Kwang-Do has changed my life immensely in such a positive way, ma’am is a big inspiration to me and a great motivator and at the times where it is a struggle physically and mentally, I have the support of my team members and instructors to encourage me and remind me that I am where I need to be right now and that I can do this.

    Natasha Weir
    Student/Mother of Student
  • a great opportunity to achieve in a structured environment and Kirsty is an inspiring teacher who is remarkably perceptive about her students needs

    Lucy Richardson
    mother of 11 year old student
  • Both my son and daughter recently joined and I couldn’t recommend Reflect CKD highly enough! The guys get the kids focused and active whilst at the same time making it fun. Kirsty is like a beacon of discipline and positivity and my kids love going!

    mother of two students
  • My daughter really enjoys going to class twice a week and helping Ms Dickson as part of the black belt group. I like CKD because it teaches my child good principles and respect, also it is a great form of exercise. All the members of staff that help at CKD are always helpful & amazing

    Mrs Vicki Winter
  • I joined Martial Arts so I could learn how to defend myself. Choi Kwang Do is a good martial art as it is good for your bones and your body. It also gives you discipline and self-control. It is a really fun activity as you are learning things in a new way. Whilst you are having fun, you are keeping fit and healthy

    12 year old STORM Team Member

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